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Tips for Furniture Care With Pets in the Home

2 Quick Application Tips To Prevent The Finish On Your Wood Furniture From Chipping

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Applying a new finish to your wood furniture can seem easy enough. However, how well you apply the finish can play a large role in how long the finish lasts. A poor finish application can result in chipping that looks like tiny off-white flakes. This is caused by the finish separating from the stain. Usually, you will not notice the chipping until well after the finish has dried. A finish that has chipped can make the appearance of your wood furniture appear old and damaged. Therefore, it is important to use these quick application tips to prevent the finish from chipping. Allow Your Stain to Dry Properly Before Applying Your Finish Some stains can take a long time to dry, while other stains are considered to be quick-dry stains. These kinds of stains are engineered to dry within a few minutes. A quick-dry stain can sometimes be deceiving since it may feel dry to the touch but is not yet thoroughly dry. Therefore, it is important to give your stain at least a few hours to dry before applying your finish. If you apply a finish to a stain that is still wet or damp, then the finish will not adhere to the stain correctly. If you live in a humid environment, it is important to give your stain more time to dry. The excess moisture will make it a bit more difficult for your stain to dry in a short amount of time.  Make Sure that Your Finish is Compatible with Your Stain While you could go to your local home improvement store and purchase any finish, it is important to research your finish beforehand and make sure that it is compatible with the stain that you intend to apply it over. This can be accomplished by contacting the manufacturer of your wood furniture. They will be able to tell you what stains and finishes are compatible with your piece. Using a finish that does not mix well with the stain on your furniture will result in chipping and peeling, in which case you will have to redo the entire finish. Taking the time to make sure that your application is correct will save you a large amount of time and frustration. Therefore, use these tips and work with a professional like those at Granddad’s Refinishing, LLC to ensure that the finish on your wood furniture does not chip the next time that you refinish...

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4 Steps Help Your New Furniture Age Gracefully

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Quality furniture is designed to last for years. In fact, with proper care, good quality furniture can last long enough to become a treasured family heirloom. If you’ve recently purchased quality furniture for your home, you want to do everything you can to prevent premature aging. Here are four simple steps you can take to help your new furniture age gracefully. Keep it Out of Direct Sunlight When it comes to wood and upholstered furniture, direct sunlight can be their biggest enemy. Direct sunlight can dry out your wood finish, leaving it with distinct cracks and discoloration. Placing upholstered furniture in direct sunlight can cause fiber rot and fading. To prevent damage to your quality furniture, you should avoid placing wood or upholstered furniture in direct sunlight, especially in front of windows. Avoid Extreme Temperatures Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on your wood furniture. When decorating your home, be sure to keep your wood furniture away from floor vents and radiators. The air that blows from the vents—whether hot or cold—can cause your wood furniture to crack and peel. If your home is heated with a radiator, it’s important that your wood furniture not be placed near it, either. If you’re not sure about the placement, turn your radiator on and stand in front of the furniture in question. If you can feel the heat where you’re standing, you’ll need to move your wood furniture. It’s important to note that extreme moisture can damage the finish of your fine wood furniture, as well. If your home suffers from humidity, you should consider running your exhaust fan on humid days. Rotate Your Knick-Knacks If you have knick-knacks on your accent tables, you should try to rotate them whenever you dust. This will prevent them from creating pressure-marks on your furniture. It’s important to note that when you do dust your furniture, you should use a soft microfiber cloth. This will prevent small scratches from forming on the surface of your furniture. Clean Spills Properly Even if you have a “no-drink” policy in your home, accidents are going to happen. When they do, you’ll need to know how to clean them up properly. If liquid gets spilled on your furniture, use a soft cloth to gently blot the area—don’t rub. Rubbing to clean a spill on upholstered furniture will spread the liquid into the fibers. Rubbing to clean a spill on wood furniture can cause small scratches, especially if you don’t use a soft, lint-free cloth for the clean-up. Now that you have quality furniture in your home, you want to take care of it. The tips provided here will help you keep your modern furniture clean and in good...

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Catching Zs Without Counting Sheep: Items Of Furniture To Help Insomniacs (Finally) Get Some Rest

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For those who suffer from chronic insomnia, one of the biggest annoyances can be light, sound, or other distractions coming into your bedroom and disrupting your attempt to get some sleep. However, a little forethought when furnishing your room can get rid of these distractions and let you have an environment that maximizes your chances of catching some Zs. So if you’re wondering what furnishings will best help protect your mind at night from the interruptions of the outside world, then here’s what you need to know. A Proper Mattress Your mattress should be one of the first things you look at if sleep is hard for you to come by; as mattresses should be replaced about every decade, chances are good your mattress has seen better days, and you’ll need to go shopping for a new one. While there’s no one-size-fits-all best mattress for insomnia, memory foam can help reduce some of the problems that interrupt sleep, such as creaky mattress springs or an overly stiff mattress that hurts to lie on for long periods of time. Newer memory foam mattresses can also have cooling gel between their layers, helping you not to overheat during your tossing and turning and keeping your body in the temperature zone that’s best for sleep. A company like Surroundings Fine Consignments For Your Home can give you more information. Ditch (Most of) the Clocks In supermarkets and casinos alike, there are few to no visible clocks within the building; this is an attempt to prevent you from realizing exactly how much time passes while you’re inside. Taking the same tack when furnishing your bedroom can twist that illusion to your favor. Get rid of any LED alarm clocks you may have stored in your room; not only is the bright light distracting, clocks that light up can always be read no matter how dark your room is, which can build your anxiety about sleeping (and thus prevent you from nodding off) as you watch the minutes tick by. If you own an analog clock, take a night or two to see if the rhythmic ticking helps you to sleep; if not, move it to a different room. Block the Noise Sudden noise can shake you from a state of drowsiness and shock you straight back to fully awake. This is an especially prevalent worry if you live with family or roommates, or if your home is on a busy street such as an interstate. Installing sound blockers on both your bedroom door and any windows is a good way to ensure ambient noise doesn’t make its way to your bedroom when you’re trying to sleep. Remember While these fixes won’t cure your insomnia, they’ll at least create an environment where you have the best possible chance at a night’s...

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What You Need To Know About Having Your Piano Tuned

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If you own a piano, whether it is a spinet or a grand, you need to have it tuned periodically so that the tones are true (and not a little flat or sharp.) Any piano, no matter the quality of the piano, how often it is played or its environment, will need to be tuned at some point. However, how much do you really know about having your instrument tuned? Below are just a few facts to help you understand the tuning process. Useful piano tuning FAQ 1. How often should your piano be tuned? The average piano should be tuned four times a year during the first year and twice a year after that. However, if your instrument is played infrequently or if you live in a humid climate, you may need to have it tuned more frequently. 2. When is the best time to have your piano tuned? The best time to have your piano tuned is when the seasons change. In most areas, that’s in April/May and again in September/October. 3. Do you need to have your piano tuned when you move? Yes, your piano will need to be tuned after your move, ideally after it has been in its new home for a couple of weeks, so it can get used to its new environment. 4. What is pitch raising? Pitch raising is a tuning technique that can help to correct a piano that is badly out of tune (e.g. hasn’t been tuned in more than a year.) The tuner actually stretches the piano wires so that they will “relax” into the proper length. This procedure may require several sessions. 5. Do you need to have your piano tuned if you rarely play it? Yes. A piano that is played regularly actually stays in tune better than one that sits idle. 6. Does where you place your piano affect how well it stays in tune? Yes, placing your piano along an inside wall in a non-humid location will help it to stay in tune longer. Covering the keys when not in use also helps to keep it well tuned. 7. Does a new piano need to be tuned more frequently? Yes, a new piano, or one that has recently been restrung, will need to be tuned more often for the first year or so. Keeping your piano in good tune will help it to sound its best and increase your enjoyment of it. Make sure you know when and how often to have your piano tuned. Contact a business like Arin Piano Co. for more...

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3 Tips For Designing A Couch That Is Kid Friendly

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If you are in the market for a new couch, but want to make sure you can find one that is going to be kid friendly, then it is crucial that you think about the furniture design. Designing your own couch to include all of the kid friendly elements that are important to you is a great way to go. There are several different aspects to furniture design that make certain couches more or less kid friendly. If you aren’t exactly sure what to look for, this article will help you out by discussing 3 tips for designing a couch that is kid friendly.  Be Sure To Include Areas For Food And Drinks It is no secret that children love to be able to enjoy a snack and a drink while they are watching television, reading, or otherwise hanging out on the couch. A great way to accommodate the cups, plates, bowls, etc., is to design a couch that has areas included for these items. Many couches can be created to have hidden compartments in the arms or the seat that can easily hold a cup or a plate securely. Your child will have a secure place to put their food and this will hopefully cause less accidents for you to have to clean up.  Go With Leather When it comes to picking out what material to use on your couch, leather is an awesome option. Not only does leather look amazing and have great quality, but it is also very easy to clean. This is key when you have children who will be on the couch a lot. For example, if your child were to accidentally spill a sticky drink on the leather couch, you would simply need to get a wet wash cloth and wipe it down. With most other types of furniture, you would have to work a lot harder to remove the sticky spill and it could potentially stain the material.  Choose Sectionals For Their Large Size  Kids love having a couch that allows them to stretch out and relax. Also, the bigger your family is, the more room you are going to want to have on your couch. Because of this, designing a couch that is created into a sectional is an excellent idea. This not only gives everyone plenty of room to stretch out, but you all get to sit close together and have the option of getting multiple recliners. Talk to a company like Senetics to learn...

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You Need A New Mattress If You Notice These Issues

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It’s reasonable to expect that your mattress will last you up to a decade, but the exact lifespan of your mattress depends on many variables, including its manufacturer. If you have a light body-weight or practice techniques such as regularly rotating and flipping your mattress, you can often expect that it will have a longer life. However, you’ll eventually begin to notice signs that your mattress is wearing down and no longer providing the support you need. It’s ideal to act quickly upon noticing these signs and buy a new mattress so that your sleep quality won’t suffer. You And Your Spouse Are Meeting In The Middle Over time, the weight of you and your spouse can indent the center of your mattress and create a dip. You might not visibly notice this issue – it’s often not visible when the sheets are on the bed – but you can often feel it. One thing that indicates this problem is if you and your spouse are constantly rolling into one another during the night. The dip in the center of the mattress can also cause your body to tense up or cause you to sleep along the edge of the bed. Any of these habits indicate your need for a new mattress. Your Sleep Quality Is Decreasing While a sudden inability to sleep soundly isn’t necessarily related to your mattress, try to think of any other potential causes if you’re experiencing this situation. If you’re not overly stressed and are tired at bedtime but not sleeping well, it could be a case of your mattress providing inadequate support that results in you tossing and turning throughout the night. You’re Noticing Increased Allergy-Like Symptoms Over the life of a mattress, it accumulates a significant amount of dust, hair and other potential allergens. If you don’t have allergies or respiratory issues but find that you’re increasingly congested in the morning, it could be because of your old mattress. You Find Yourself Longing For Hotel Stays It’s possible for your attitude toward sleeping in your own bed to provide a clear indicator that it’s time to think about upgrading your mattress. Note how you feel about traveling away from home and staying in a hotel. If you find yourself eagerly anticipating sleeping in a hotel bed and dreading the idea of returning home to your own bed, it’s a clear sign that your mattress has outlasted its useful life. Contact a company like Bruce The Bed King for more...

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Find Yourself Not Using The Dining Room Any Longer? 5 Ideas To Modernize The Room

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Nowadays, more families are skipping the formal dining room in favor of transforming the space into an office, additional living area, or even adding walls and doors to create an extra bedroom. If you’re set on holding on to the space for dining, but find yourself only using the dining room for special occasions, it may be a good idea to look into how you can transform the dining room into something less formal that you will use throughout the year. Try a Mix of Different Dining Chairs An easy way to make your dining room look more welcoming is through skipping the traditional formal chairs in favor of mixing it up with several styles of chairs. While you may want to stick with the same type of chairs, such as metal, wood, or upholstered, you can opt for different designs and colors. Make Sure the Furniture is Sized for the Room One of the biggest mistakes people make when furnishing their dining room is having too large of furniture. While it can make an impressive statement to have a large table and chairs, it can quickly dwarf the room and leave little for your eyes to rest on when stepping inside. With smaller pieces of furniture, it will also be easier to move around the dining room with ease. Switch Out the Light Fixture to Something Less Formal It’s fairly common for the dining room to have a large lighting fixture, such as an oversized drum light or a chandelier. While these lights can be a nice focal point, they can also make the room feel a little too formal. For something less sophisticated, consider smaller lights and ones without large shades or accessories to tone down the room. Add Pops of Color for a New Look A popular reason why the dining room may not look as casual as the rest of your home is due to the colors used in the space. In many cases, the dining room may be left a stark white or a neutral color that can make the room feel off-limits. Adding a splash of color, either on the walls or with artwork, can help give the room a dramatic new look that also feels more inviting. Protect an Heirloom Table with a Tablecloth If you’re worried about using your dining room really due to concerns over heirloom pieces of furniture, you can still enjoy the space by using things such as a tablecloth to protect the table or an end table. Giving your dining room a new look can be done with the ease when you choose the right furniture and keep in mind what kinds of elements you have in the rest of your home. Contact a business, such as Red House Furniture, for more information....

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Preparing Barn Wood For Decorating Purposes

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One of the newest trends in interior decorating is the use of barn wood. If you are interested in adding a rustic feel to your home, using wood from an abandoned barn to create some barnwood decor is a wonderful way to enjoy the past. This reclaimed wood is processed so it is able to be reused in a variety of ways from wall hangings to furniture. If you wish to try revitalizing parts of a previous barn into a masterpiece, you will need to do a few preparations to the pieces beforehand. Here are some steps to use when using reclaimed wood for a project of your own. Finding The Wood For Your Projects The best place to start for a project of your own is by driving around and finding dilapidated barns that no longer appear to be used. You would need to get a hold of the owner of the property to find out if you would be able to salvage some of the wood for your personal use. This may have favorable results if the owner has no plans in rebuilding the structure. If you are unable to find wood this way due to lack of resource in your area, take a look online for barn wood for sale. There are many people who realize this is a trending commodity who have pieces for sale. Some lumber distributors also sell already processed pieces of barn wood, so be sure to ask around as these pieces would need no pre-treating before you start your projects. Cleaning All The Pieces Beforehand Before starting a project with your barn wood, it should be completely cleaned so you are not working with any debris as you build your decorative items. A pressure washer works best at removing years of caked on grime, straw, and perhaps even manure. For harder to remove stains, use a wire brush with a mild detergent to cleanse. Drying Wood For Best Condition Rinse the pieces well and set them in the sun to dry. Be sure to flip the pieces over so all moisture is removed. Move the pieces to a dry area indoors to complete the drying process. It is best to dry the wood for a few weeks before working with them to construct your decor. This way they will not be too soft to use glue, nails, or adhesives when building. Prepping The Wood For Use Barn wood will have many nails throughout each plank. Use a metal detector to find all nails in each piece of wood before using it for your project. To remove these, use the claw end of a hammer. Some pieces may have nails embedded further into the piece, making them a bit hard to get out. You can use a screwdriver or needle-nose pliers to try to pry these nails from the lumber.  After the nails have been removed, the boards can be revitalized by sawing off any rough portions. Most people using this type of wood will use a horizontal band saw to remove years of wear from the exterior side. The wood underneath will still have character without as rough a surface. Use a table saw to straighten each end of each board. You will need a glue line saw blade for the best results. After doing these cuts, your barn wood pieces will be ready to use in your home decor projects!...

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Why Your Home Needs A Dining Room

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Although a formal dining room used to be the standard for homes, in recent years, some people have either quit using them or eliminated them entirely and appropriated the space for other purposes. However, this move is shortsighted for several reasons. You need to keep a dining room in your home. Resale Value Although owners are frequently not using their dining rooms or repurposing them, buyers still want to own homes with all the traditional rooms intact. This desire may seem contradictory since these same buyers may also ignore or convert the room. However, when they buy, they want the option of a dining room. In fact, experts say the dining room is one of the most important rooms to have in order to sell your home. When staging your home for sale, make sure there is traditional dining room furniture in your dining room. Celebrations Even if your immediate family does not often use the dining room, you need one for those celebration dinners you hold with extended family and friends. The holiday season and other occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, call for a large, comfortable dining area so that everyone can join together. Having family members spread throughout your house eating off of TV trays in the family room and camping out on the couch simply does not encourage the type of interaction extended families should have. A dining room fosters intimacy. Nuclear Family The families that eat together tend to have fewer psychological and physical problems. Children are 40% more likely to be overweight if they do not eat dinner with their families at least twice a week. Children who eat dinner with their parents at least five days a week are less likely to abuse alcohol or drugs and do better in school. These children also say that they are closer to their parents than do children with less parental contact. In short, family dinners are vitally important to a family’s health. A dining room gives you space for these meals and encourages the practice of eating together. You are less likely to dine together if you only have a cramped and uncomfortable eating area.  You may not think a dining room is particularly important. In fact, if you still have one, you may rarely use it. However, a dining room enriches your family life and has actual health and psychological benefits. You can use it to celebrate all the big events in life as well as connect on a daily basis with your immediate family. As an added bonus, your dining room adds resale value to your...

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Customize A File Cabinet To Create A Great Garage Storage Unit

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Keeping a garage neat and organized allows you to be able to make the most of the limited space that is available to you. A great way to store many items in your garage in an organized way is to transform a metal file cabinet (available from companies like Alexander Brothers Ltd) into an all-in-one storage center. The following guide walks you through a quick and easy way to transform the file cabinet quickly and easily. Remove the Drawers The first thing you want to do is remove the drawers from the file cabinet. Pull the drawers out as far as you can and look closely at the ends of the tracks. There should be a small lever you can press and pull the drawer to release it from the track. Repeat the process with the other drawers. Remove the Drawer Tracks Use a screwdriver to carefully remove the screws that are holding the drawer tracks in place. The space in the file cabinet is rather narrow, so you may need to use a small screwdriver to get the screws out. Scuff the Paint Next, you need to lay the file cabinet on its back outside. You need to use a piece of sand paper to lightly scuff the sides, top, and bottom of the file cabinet. Scuffing the surface helps paint to stick to it when you are done. Paint the Filing Cabinet Next, add spray paint to all sides of the file cabinet, except the back of the cabinet. Be sure that you paint the inside and the outside of the cabinet so that it will have a finished look when you are done. Add Detailing to the Cabinet Finally, use painter’s tape to create designs on the surface of the cabinet. You can then add another layer of paint to the cabinet, allow it to dry, and then remove the painter’s tape. The design you are left with will have a very finished and unique look that will compliment your garage nicely. Once you have completed the file cabinet, place it against the wall of the garage. Store gardening tools in one opening, balls in another opening, and any other items in your garage that need organizing in the rest of the openings. Since the file cabinet is made of metal, you can add magnetic hooks to the sides of the cabinet to store baseball or softball gloves, helmets, or even jump ropes so they are even to...

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